Interesting Facts About Air Pistols

Air pistolsDid you know that the fun we have with air pistols these days is all because of the Germans? Since the outlaw of rim fire weapon manufacturing after WWII, the Germans invented the original air pistols. Now there are all kinds of things you can do with these pistols. This article attempts to detail a few different types of guns and uses for them.

Many people use air pistols in competition shooting. In fact, there are entire gun clubs devoted to the air gun enthusiast. You can find them easily by looking in the phone book or asking other gun clubs for referrals. This is a good way to get into shooting competitions without the higher cost of guns and ammo. Of course, you can always go with higher end air guns if that suits your needs better.

Another great use for air guns is use as a practice weapon. You can spend a lot or a little on the air pistol itself, but the ammo is considerably cheaper and in more abundant supply. Shooters of all walks can benefit from this type of practice shooting. You can work on breathing techniques, form and a dozen other techniques while using cheaper ammo.

The ammo in some cases can be salvaged and reused. This really adds to the saving in ammo costs for practice shooting. The whole family can practice on a regular basis and not drain the bank in ammo expenses. Also, getting ammo for regular handguns is becoming harder and hared these days, which can cut into practice time quite a bit.

Air pistols can be purchased in two types, pump and co2 powered. Many of us have had a pump action air powered BB gun in our lifetime. Some of the new air rifles are far more powerful than what we remember as kids. Some can actually be used for hunting small game if pumped high enough.

The co2 models use a small co2 cartridge that can be purchased at just about any hunting and fishing store. The co2 powered pistols are more powerful as one would expect than the pump action guns. The drawback that I see is that when you run out of co2, you’re done shooting until you get more.

Air powered pistols are a great started gun when teaching kids how to shoot. Their lighter weight and slower velocity make them much easier to handle for smaller hands. Many kids find that they aren’t as intimidated by air pistols as they might be of a full sized gun. Since it is easier for them to handle they can focus on learning the basics of firearm safety and shooting techniques safely and comfortably.

These pistols are manufactured in replica form as well. This is really cool for those you want their air gun to resemble their favorite handgun. The looks can be matched to the old revolver styles as well as the newer semi-automatic styles. You can even find them in your choice of colors, if you wan to go that route. The ladies might like to know that you can get them in pink to suit your liking.

Whether you are a classic gun fan or just want something for your kid to start out on, air pistols are a great gun to consider. Kids can handle them easier and learn their basics, while anyone wanting a classic replica can get their favorite flavor and the ammo is cheaper and more abundant than regular gun ammo. If you are looking to stay sharp on your shooting skills, consider practicing with an air pistol as it can save you a ton on ammo expenses.