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Air Pistols Blog

  • Gun Cleaning Kit In Presentation Box Review

    Sometimes when I think about my love for guns, I laugh at myself. When my friend introduced me to air guns, I never knew I would become this crazy about them. It is now a decade since I purchased my first gun, a Daisy Avanti 853. By then, I knew little about guns, and I considered my friends advice and directions as final.

    Of course I enjoyed shooting and hunting with my gun. My experience with the gun was so good that I forgot the basics of gun maintenance. Ignorance, as they say, is a deadly disease. It wasn't until my gun began behaving funny that I realised something was amiss. You guessed right! I called my friend for advice, and that is when he reminded me of the advice that I had ignored.

    Nobody prepared me for what I found out at the stores. It was something to do with the price for the Gun cleaning kit I preferred to buy, I bought it for £25, which I thought was a fair price as it would last a long time. I also considered the fact that it was of very high quality, and durable too. Maybe I should be more descriptive of the Gun cleaning kit in presentation box for you to get the real picture.

    I bought a stunning and well polished and layered kit. The wooden presentation box keeps all that I need to clean up my gun. The three piece fine quality rod is quite easy to assemble, and I have always had a good experience with it. It contains such things as two snap caps, bronze bristle brush, an extractor, Young's oil, brass jag and wool mop and a smart nickel oil bottle. A perfect gun cleaning kit indeed. It comes in several sizes, and I chose the larger size, gauge 28.
    After I bought the kit, I have had a very excellent shooting experience with my guns. I may have parted with my hard earned cash for the kit, but so far so good for me. I take my time to clean my guns regularly, especially after major shooting expeditions like hunting and shooting competitions. Since I became a gun expert, I have also been able to refer many of my friends to this kit. I have also been able to advise them about the best guns to buy.

    if you want to see the first kit I ever bought, you can see it on our store here.

  • Bisley Gun Oil Review

    As any aficionado of airguns knows, there are things that you would like to have for your gun, and then there are things that you need to have for your gun to work right. Bisley's gun oil for firearms is a product that you need to have to keep your gun working and running smoothly.

    An air gun really needs to be properly lubricated for it to work right for a long period of time, and choosing the right lubricant is important. If you use petrochemicals to lube your airgun, it will eventually erode the plastic and rubber on your gun and make it useless. The silicone that is in Bisley's gun oil will not erode any pieces of your gun and it will also keep the pieces lubricated for a longer period of time. And what I really like is the rust protection that is in the oil, which means you can have your gun outside in any weather and not be worried about snow or water compromising the quality of your firearm.

    Another great thing about Bisley's gun oil is the container that it comes in. The oil comes in a plastic container with a dripper cap to squeeze the oil out. You can apply the oil directly to the pieces you want just by putting the dripper cap on the area you would like oiled up. It makes it very easy to put oil on the slide rails, inside the magazine valve, or any other hard to reach places on your airgun.

    While there are several oils like this on the market, Bisley's is the easiest to use and the cheapest. I found it for about four dollars online, making it a few dollars cheaper than Abbey's version of gun oil.

    I love using airguns, and when I see a little rodent in my garden, I need to make sure that once I'm locked and loaded I can shoot the critter before he runs away. Because of this, I need to make sure my guns is firing on all cylinders so I can respond fast and protect all my goodies in the garden. I think I can say with confidence that Bisley's gun oil is a big reason why my airguns runs so smooth. Only time will tell if the gun oil makes them last longer, but so far this product has outperformed anything else I've ever used by far.

    We have it available on our website, and if you need some gun oil then you should check it out.

  • Nuprol Silicone Gun Oil Review

    I love air pistols and air rifles. Not only because they are fun to shoot, but also because it is a challenging experience. I was obsessed with my air pistol and was very possessive about it, and I treated it with great care and compassion and made sure that it was in my hand all the time.

    As time passed I felt that the pistol was getting old and was losing its shine. I had a feeling that it was getting dirty. So, I started going to stores in my city to search for a product that can be useful to apply on my air gun. I searched online for related products and after a lot of search I found some Nuprol Silicone Gun Oil, which is the most appropriate product for my gun as it makes sure that my gun gets rid of all the dirt and moisture it has. It also ensures that all the other bad factors like corrosion and rust are eliminated. This oil acts as an effective lubricant for not only the external parts of the air gun but also for its internal parts.

    Nuprol Silicone gun oil is made and manufactured specifically for air guns and air pistols. Since this is the sole purpose for its existence I think it works on any air gun no matter what the problem is. It also includes a spraying straw which enables me to spray the oil on all parts of the gun with ease and zero percentage of difficulty. It also helps me to be sure that the oil has reached all the parts of my gun and not only the parts where the problem exists. Since dirt and moisture are present everywhere I think it is preferable to apply the oil on all parts of the air gun.

    After using the Nuprol Silicone gun oil for the first time I found out that my gun had not only got a shine on itself but the oil had also made it look brand new. I also discovered that it can be used to protect the plastic and leather washers in any type of air gun. Thus, it ascertains that even the internal parts of my air gun are running perfectly and are free from any kind of rust and corrosion.

    I recommend it to all the readers and would like to suggest that if you own an air gun please give Nuprol Silicone gun oil a try. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

    We have it on our store here.

  • Abbey Silicone Gun Lube SM50

    Guns are known as one of the most powerful modern weapons and they offer many people a chance to participate in the sport of shooting. What many enthusiasts do not know is that guns need servicing and perfect maintenance in order to keep them working excellently and offer you the best outcome at all times. Special lube ensures that the parts are coordinating well and that have a better chance of hitting the target. The Abbey Silicone Gun Lube SM50 is one of the highly recommended and recognised lube that ensures your gun performs excellently like a new one.

    This is known as the excellent lubricant for many of the air guns and short guns as they are designed to offer the right functionality of the components of the guns. The Abbey Silicone Gun Lube SM50 is known to improve the performance of the gun through the smoother action which is well enabled by maximizing power and reducing drag non-gumming and at the same time reducing the non-dieseling in air guns. It is a great lube that ensures that your gun will not get rust or any other inhibitors that seek to slower the use and maintenance of the gun.

    The Lubricant can be used on various part of the gun and that means that it t serves many other purposes to offer you the best smooth operation. Most of the places that it can be applied are the moving parts and those that glide during its long time use. The airgun compression chambers too need to be well taken care of in order to improve the functionality of the gun. The firing pins in sporting gun should also be well maintained by use of the lube so that they are able to coordinate well when the gun is being used. This is so important since it offers many a chance to enjoy using the gun at all times.

    The 30ml Droplet Bottle is easy to use and its lid easy to open. It has a well designed mouth which offers the ease and comfort of using the lubricant to the parts of the gun. Many people value its design and shape since the lube cannot easily drop down or get poured in excess. It is a smart unique type of lubricant that ensures the gun is well catered and that its functions are just the same with that of new guns in shops.

    We have it available on our store, and you can see it here.

  • Airgun Cleaning Kit Review

    Cleaning your gun is very important in maintaining its good condition and ensuring it continues giving you a good performance. You should make sure you clean your gun both on the inside surfaces as well as the outer surfaces for the best results. There are various airgun cleaning kits that are available in the market. There is one that’s stands out from the rest. This is the Airgun Cleaning kit. This cleaning kit has a variety of cleaning equipment and the instructions are very easy to follow. This is a review of this product.

    Some of the things contained in this cleaning kit are; cotton pallets, a cleaning rod, cotton patches, cleaning brush, cleaning oil and calibre barrels for 177, 22 and 25 calibres. The cleaning rod is made of aluminum and is very well sectioned which enables it to give great results after cleaning. There are no directions on how you are supposed to hold the cotton patch. This is probably the main disadvantage when it comes to this airgun cleaning kit. Most cleaning kits have a rod which is meant to be inserted on the cotton patch to make it easy to use.

    However, this cleaning kit also has some great advantages. First and foremost, there is plenty of lubricating oil that you get from purchasing this kit. This means that you can use it for a number of times. This is a great advantage because you will not have to buy some lubricating oil for some time. The other advantage is that the patches are also numerous.

    This is also a great way to save some money since you will not have to get new ones soon after you get this kit. Another advantage you get from this kit is the fact that you can use it to clean different types of air rifles. This is something that is not possible with some cleaning kits. Therefore, it is a great advantage since you will only have to get one type of cleaning kit to clean all of your airguns.

    The Air rifle/pistol Cleaning Kit might not have very great cotton patches but is a very good cleaning kit for many types of airguns. The brush enables you to remove all levels of rust and the oil gives you great lubrication. This is a cleaning kit that is recommended for anyone who owns an airgun and loves to keep it in good condition.

    You can see it on our store here.

  • Taking Care of Your Air Rifle

    Have you ever had that moment when your air gun refused to fire properly? Or it just backfired resulting in an injury that really cost you and made your air gun unusable, or really costly to repair?

    Our Abbey LT2 Gun Grease gives you an experience like no other when it comes to making the moving parts of your air gun and other machines run smooth and efficient. The Abbey LT2 Gun Grease is so far the best gun grease in the market. It is especially efficient for high pressure surfaces on metal surfaces, gear sets and especially triggers and sears. It is especially made for extremely pressured working parts of a machine to give the best experience yet maintaining smoothness.

    It contains molybdenum sulphide which has an extremely low friction coefficient and thus allows your machine to act smoothly and quickly, offering no delays. The idea behind this product was making a lubricant that could be used on concealed friction surfaces and enable the smooth working of intricacies within the gun. You can now be confident using your gun after applying it. Whether it is a heavy machine gun or just a few-shot air pistol, the high temperature allowance for this lubricant allows the usage across the board of all guns.

    The Abbey LT2 Gun Grease also makes use of anti-corrosion additives that makes sure the insides of your gun are free from corrosion and other weather effects that could hamper the smooth working of your gun. The additives also ensure that no pitting happens so fast action and effectiveness will be your thing while you’re having fun with your gun. Remember that this particular type of grease is for high metal contact friction, even if it is just an air gun. For less fractioned surfaces such as plastic, you should try out the Silicon Gun grease.

    Remember, in the care of your gun you need to ensure the best quality both for the safety of yourself and other users who may come after you. Abbey LT2 Gun Grease comes in 50 ml packs and a maximum price of £5.20 online for such a smoothing service. It gives your handgun the best service while ensuring the pocket friendliness of its price. More to the package is that it’s multipurpose grease so it doesn’t have to be for your gun only. What’s better is that we offer free delivery inclusive of its online price. So the next times you think of servicing your gun think Abbey LT2 Gun Grease.

    See it on our store here.

  • 22 Gamo Camo Rocket Whisper IGT Break Barrel Air Rifle Review

    Precision air rifles are one of the favourites among hunters and a little more style is always a plus point. The new .22 Gamo Camo Rocket Whisper IGT Break Barrel Air Rifle is such an addition to the club, flaunting the irresistible style of the Gamo Air Rifles.

    What is truly remarkable about this brilliant 22 Gamo Camo Rocket Whisper IGT Break Barrel Air Rifle is that the latest IGT piston or the Inert Gas Technology, which is way better than the older gas piston one. Some of the advantages that come loaded with this technology is that it offers a very smooth cocking and shooting. There is absolutely no spring torque or fatigue and the air rifle works perfectly even in cold weather! So, if you want to go out hunting for small games, like me, take this rifle along, and I promise, it will never disappoint.

    The IGT technology is just the beginning of the long list of admirable facts that I have found out in .22 caliber. The rifle is very light and this is why it is very easy to carry around. It comes along with a 4x32 Air Rifle scope which is really handy in shooting distant things. The whisper series has a very dampened, which makes it far less noisier than its counterparts.

    Another intelligent feature is its dual raised cheek piece so it makes it easy for right handed as well as left handed people to hold it, making it eligible for ambidextrous shooting.

    Now, let us talk about the body of the 22 Gamo Camo Rocket Whisper IGT Break Barrel Air Rifle, the stock is made with rubber which is durable and is fit for all kinds of weather. What’s more, the butt plate comes with a Shock Wave Absorber recoil pad which absorbs up to 74% of the recoil force.

    Moving on towards the specification of this wonderful piece of work. The length of the air rifle is 44.6 and the barrel length is 19.2 inches.

    I cannot end the review without mentioning the safety provision as well as the reduced felt recoil of my new rifle. The rifle has an automatic cocking system as well as a manual trigger safety, which takes a lot of worries off my shoulders while carrying this rifle. The reduced felt recoil has also made things a lot more easier as a user for me. Be it a competition, hunting or just scaring off pests, this rifle can do it all!

    If you would like to see it on our store you can do so here.

  • 22 BSA Lightning GRT XL SE Air Rifle Review

    The thing I like most about the GRT Lightning XL SE is that it looks fantastic and it feels great to hold. Whether you are an expert or a complete beginner, I think it is hard to refute the craftsmanship of this rifle. Notice the richness of the beech wood stock, it’s sleek and appealing. It’s compact too and the weight is certainly manageable at around 6 pounds. The rifle length is 37.5 inches and it has a fully suppressed shrouded barrel which makes it a quiet rifle to shoot. It’s even possible to get away with shooting in your own back yard, the sound is low and deep and it’s not attention grabbing. If you are in stealth mode, this might be a good thing. All things considered, it’s easy to shoot on the fly and it’s easy to balance. Depending on your experience, you’ll find that this is an advantage. In fact, there are a great many benefits to this rifle and I’m certainly a fan.

    Experienced or inexperienced, the 22 BSA Lightening GRT XL SE Air Rifle is a smooth shot, it has a comfortable pull to the shoulder and a limited kick but the sound is low and deep. It is a sporting trigger, with around a 2lb pull. It has a 2 stage adjustable trigger. I personally think that it’s as good a trigger as you can expect in this price range. In fact, very few people choose to upgrade it and that tells its own story.

    The cocking stroke is smooth and the shooting cycle, is really good, the shot cycle is so steady, that it’s possible to see the pellet in flight. Manufactured in the UK, I believe that this is a rifle that has an all-round appeal. It’s a single shot, break-barrel with an integral silencer. To fire it, be aware that you have to cock the rifle each time between shots, but it’s important that you put the rifle on safe because it doesn't have an automatic safety. It has a short barrel so can be tough to cock, but there’s a knack to it, and once you have practiced a bit, this will start to feel more natural.

    It can be fired directly off a rest, but, here’s the important part, but you have to pay close attention to the resting point, otherwise there will be a change to any point of impact. Trigger control is also important as it has a long second stage, but again, awareness of the unique qualities of this rifle will enable anyone to use with precision. My view is that it is a fantastic quality rifle.

    We have it available on our store here.

  • 22 Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle Review

    I have a particular liking for air rifles. They are great fun to use. In particular, I like the fact that the .22 Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle gives a small kick each time I shoot it. The .22 Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle is also the first of its kind to use the hitherto unknown Nitro Piston 2 system that has a great power plant and a well-designed trigger.

    I especially like air rifles that shoot quickly. In the 22 Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle I found an air rifle that shoots about fifteen times quicker than earlier versions. It also delivers a lot more extra energy and has a big shooting range. If you are worried about your air rifle vibrating you can rest easy because the 22 Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle does not vibrate too much and the recoil produced is also very light. In addition, ten pounds have been reduced in the cocking force.

    The 22 Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle is capable of firing not more than eleven hundred fps and it also produces about twenty-six FPE of energy. The rifle also has a nice CenterPoint telescope. I had my doubts about this rifle but went ahead and bought it after the salesperson recommended it and impressed me with his description of the rifle’s accuracy.

    I took the 22 Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle home and fired a few hundred pellets of different varieties. To my amazement, the rifle turned out to be very accurate although I did have a few problems with the telescope. The rifle also has a very nice fit as well as finish and everything feels very snug and smooth. There is also a fitting for a shoulder strap.

    Cocking the rifle presented no problems at all and the rifle does not make too much noise when fired. The recoil produced when I fired the 22 Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle was absorbed by the rifle’s weight. This is also a powerful and accurate air rifle.

    All in all, I found this single shot air rifle to be very pleasing. It weighs about 8.3 pounds and is 46.25 inches long and it also produces pellet velocity of up to 950 FPS. The barrel is rifled steel and the stock is made out of wood. The 22 Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle is far from being a toy and is actually recommended for adult use only.

    You can find it on our store here.

  • 22 Weihrauch HW90K Gas Ram Break Barrel Air Rifle Review

    The .22 Weihrauch HW90K Gas Ram Break Barrel Air Rifle is an amazing rifle that is powered by a gas-ram technology that is very unique in its class. This rifle gives you a great shooting experience due to its incredible features that are at the top of the rifle market today. This rifle has a total length of 1150mm, a barrel length of 500mm and weight of 4 kg.

    The gas ram of this rifle is one of the features that make it different from other types of air rifles. The gas ram is responsible for making things smooth. It prevents the rifle from being too noisy. This is important because it makes your shooting peaceful.

    The other incredible feature is the fact that you can cock the .22 Weihrauch HW90K Gas Ram Break Barrel Air Rifle without the mainstream getting too tight. This rifle has compressed air. This is the reason why it is difficult for it to tire even if cocked several times. This cocking ability is important for when you are waiting for your target to come by. You can have the rifle cocked for as long as you want without having to worry about the cock tiring and being unable to give maximum performance when you intend to shoot down your target.

    The safety case of this air rifle can be turned on and off without having to hold the barrel down. This makes the work very easy. It also makes it easy for beginners to master the art of using this air rifle since there aren't many technicalities to master. This feature is also important because it ensures that the person handling the gun does not accidentally shoot themselves while setting the safety.The metal barrel of this rifle has a fitting that protects the muzzle and is good for optic front sight. This feature is important in maintaining the rifle in good condition and ensuring that you have an accurate focus when aiming or shooting.

    Another amazing feature of the .22 Weihrauch HW90K Gas Ram Break Barrel Air Rifle is the pistol grip. It is designed in a way that enables you to have a firm grip while shooting anything which is important in maintaining your focus and preventing accidents that may arise due to not having a firm grip.

    Generally, this rifle has amazing features that greatly improve your shooting experience. The fact that this rifle is not too heavy is an added advantage because it makes the experience fun.

    It is a little pricey at £499, but if you are serious about your shooting then this is the gun to get.  You can find it on our store here.

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